Monday, November 5, 2012

The Day is Finally Here!

Sorry, I took a brief hiatus - there have been some changes going on in my life and in the mean time my blog got neglected.  I will try to do a better job of updating my blog moving forward.  Thank you to my faithful readers, I love ya'll!

Now, on to my blog title.  Voting...

I have seen many facebook posts/rants/opinions/etc about the current candidates running for president.  Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, please remember the many brave men and women who have risked their lives - so that we can have the freedom to voice our opinions and vote for the candidate we believe will be the best for America's future. 

As Americans we have a lot to be thankful for, so tomorrow make the time and exercise your right to vote!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paleo Crack

For my birthday, my amazing sister decided to get me a gift certificate to Steve's Original.  I decided to cash in on it and get some paleo goodies.  And lo and behold the package arrived yesterday.  Now, I love getting packages, but packages containing food are the best! 

Maybe it's the fall weather, but lately I have been craving everything apple - apple pie, apple crisp, apple cider, you get the gist.  So I was especially excited to try Steve's Apple Pie flavored Paleo Krunch.  AMAZEBALLS.

I haven't been able to stop eating this stuff.  It seriously tastes like apple pie.  The flavor profile of the Krunch throws Larabars out the window.  Remember how I said the Apple Pie Larabar was pretty good?  I take it back, Steve's Paleo Krunch is so much better!  It's got a hint of cinnamon and real apple chunks - it is simply divine eaten plain or with some milk.   Honestly, I am so sad I didn't order more...:(  For those that have a sweet tooth, this is your ticket!  It's got just enough sweetness to curb your craving. 

The company that creates these delicious noms is called Steve's Original.  It was started by a guy named Steve, who is truly is an amazing person.  Please read more about him here, he talks about why he started the company and all the good he is doing with these delicious products.  15% of every purchase you make goes toward Steve's Club National Program - a non profit which uses Crossfit as a tool to work with at-risk youth by providing fitness, nutrition, and mentorship.  So not only do I get to eat these delicious noms, I also get to feel good by supporting a good cause.  Double WIN!  So if you would like to get your hand on some deliciousness please go to Steve's Store and buy some goods.  They are great for people on the go who want something tasty, nutritious, and convenient.  They also sell MRE sized Paleokits for those serving in the miltary. 

So in conclusion : Would I buy Steve's Paleo Krunch again?  Yes, the Krunch is my favorite product.  They also sell it in bar form making it easy to take on the go!  I am also a big fan of their grass fed jerky and Chicken Jerky (it tastes like chicken wings)!  I can't wait to try the rest of their products!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Larabar Update

So I just tried the banana bread bar and it tastes nothing like banana bread.  It is also over 200 calories...the site said all these bars are 200 cals or less...suspicious business.  The other flavors were also disappointing.  I have yet to try the lemon though, so I will keep you posted.

In conclusion: Would I buy Larabars again with my own money?  Yes, but I would steer clear of certain flavors.  They are great for when you are on the run and need a quick pick me up. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012


There is a monthly event from June through October in DC where all the food trucks come to the Navy Yard - called Truckeroo.  Truckeroo has lots of good food, live music, games and great people watching.


Great live music!
After a few adult beverages, my inner fashion police came out. I snapped a few pictures of people wearing some conversation worthy outfits.  Our first individual is making a bold statement with her lower half - namely her pants and shoes.  Mixing prints - like it or leave it?

Mixing prints
Next, I tried to get a picture of this girl wearing chevron pants.  These are definitely a bold fashion statement that you don't see everyday, especially in conservatively dressed DC.  This girl definitely pulled them off and maybe you will see me rocking a pair in the future.
Chevron Pants
Lastly, I know these shirts are all the rage this year.  Usually, they are paired with a tank top or in this case a bra.  Normally, I am a fan of this look.  However in this case, perhaps the color combination along with the company - sitting with her dad in a completely see through shirt made me think she in the fashion flop category. 


Friday, October 5, 2012

Holy Moly Guacamole!

Sorry, I will be not be talking about guacamole in this entry, but it is one of my favorite things to eat.  And it's paleo WIN!

So, I checked my stats this morning and it turns out 96 of you all checked out my blog yesterday.  And to that I say, HOLY MOLY GUACAMOLE!  I have no idea if that's a good number in the blogging world - but for someone like me who nearly didn't start this blog that number is HUGE.  Thank you all so very much!

Also, a quick shoutout to Emmers Space  for leaving my first comment.  I would love it if you left me comments about blogging tips, topics you would like me to blog about, support/encouragement - anything really I'd love to hear from you! 

So I have been told by some more expert bloggers that I need to include a picture in every entry.  I will try to do so moving forward - thanks for putting up with my mostly pictureless entries thus far.  I hope they weren't too boring to read...

Also, if you like what you see please subscribe by email - just enter your email at the bottom of the page.  Thank you all for your support so far!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Afternoon Delight

A songified version of last night's major highlights, enjoy :) 

A Recap of Last Night's Presidential Debate


I am a lover of dogs.  I really am - their wagging tails and fluffy selves make me so happy.  I can honestly say I've never met a dog I don't like (and this is a strong statement because there are lots of things I don't like).  I grew up with dogs and they have always been a big part of my life.  Recently, I started living on my own so I lost a fluffy roommate.  Don't worry, the dog is still alive but it was my roommate's dog so obviously the pup is living with her now.  Sad, I know!  She is the best.  Always listened to me whenever I had something to say, never judged me, was always there ready for cuddles or a belly rub...and really her unconditional love and enthusiasm for life was so precious and endearing.  I loved coming home to see her tail wagging furiously and for her to welcome me like this was the best part of her day.  Of course I still get to see her quite a bit, but it's not the same as having a dog in your life everyday.

For the past year, I have been debating with the idea of getting a puppy.  But the idea of potty training, the vet bills, and overall time commitment keeps holding me back.  While I would love a fluffy pup to call my own, I want to make sure I can provide a good home for it first and foremost.  Of course, my work also plays a part.  I have the tendency to need to travel for work, so this has proved to be a major hindrance.  So far, my practical side has won and told me I should wait to get a dog once my life is more settled. 

But then I see pictures like this, how can you say no to a face like that?!  Total heartstring pull, le sigh. 

So in the meantime, as I continue to wrestle with the idea, please let me know if you need a dog sitter (and you are local to the Northern VA/Washington D.C area).  I am always on the lookout for making new furry friends.  Furry friends are the best kinds of friends.