Sunday, October 7, 2012


There is a monthly event from June through October in DC where all the food trucks come to the Navy Yard - called Truckeroo.  Truckeroo has lots of good food, live music, games and great people watching.


Great live music!
After a few adult beverages, my inner fashion police came out. I snapped a few pictures of people wearing some conversation worthy outfits.  Our first individual is making a bold statement with her lower half - namely her pants and shoes.  Mixing prints - like it or leave it?

Mixing prints
Next, I tried to get a picture of this girl wearing chevron pants.  These are definitely a bold fashion statement that you don't see everyday, especially in conservatively dressed DC.  This girl definitely pulled them off and maybe you will see me rocking a pair in the future.
Chevron Pants
Lastly, I know these shirts are all the rage this year.  Usually, they are paired with a tank top or in this case a bra.  Normally, I am a fan of this look.  However in this case, perhaps the color combination along with the company - sitting with her dad in a completely see through shirt made me think she in the fashion flop category. 



  1. Yeahhh I like the fashion police part! Yes to you in chevron pants (rock them) no to see through pumpkin shirts!

  2. Also, I like your new iphone5 photos!