Thursday, October 4, 2012


I have been on the look out for a paleo bar.  Most bars have some sort of grain, but today I discovered Larabars!  They are made with only 3 ingredients: fruit, nuts, and spices.  How cool is that?!  In this day and age, the ingredient lists stretch on and on - and I don't even know what half of these ingredients consist of or how to pronounce them.  So I was extra excited to finally find a paleo friendly bar!  These bars would also be good for someone who has celiac disease and is following a gluten free diet.

I saw they were sold at Whole Foods so I popped over there after work.  I was planning on just buying 1 or 2, but once I saw all the different delicious flavors - I ended up buying 7!  Clearly, I am a bit of an impulse buyer and I haven't had sweets in a while...and by a while I mean a hot second because I have a sweet tooth problem.  But with flavors like: Apple Pie, Banana Bread, and Blueberry Muffin just to name a few at under 200 calories - I really couldn't resist.  Once I came home, they all sounded so tasty I wanted to open up all 7 bars and take a nibble out of each one immediately.  BUT, my practical side told me to exercise some restaint and try one at a time.  I tried the Apple Pie tonight and was pleasantly suprised.  It does really taste like wholesome apple pie.  I have a feeling I will be keeping these bars handy whenever my sweet tooth kicks in.  With no added sugar, and 3 natural ingredients - I am sure I will have to start buying these in bulk soon.  If you do buy a box of them, they are 10% off at Whole Foods (who doesn't like saving a buck or two :))  They also have other mouth watering flavors - you can see a list of all of them on their website:  Once I try the other flavors, I will be sure to update you on which one takes the cake!

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  1. You can also buy minis...

    I found the large size can be too much at one time, sometimes.

    Also tons of recipes online to make your own. I have ventured too far on that one, but I did make these and love them.

    Not Paleo, but pretty natural, tasty and good for preworkout energy :)